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Harvey Tomlinson

Beaver Dam Rd
Cape May County, NJ

No azures today.
The edges of this rd and many others I've seen have been mowed down to stubble

  • Mourning Cloak 2

Brian Johnson

Natural Lands preserve on Brown road.
Salem County, NJ

At work today.

  • Anglewing sp. 1
  • Eastern Comma 2

Steven Glynn

Bevan WMA
Cumberland County, NJ

Checked and enjoyed FOS activity along Ackley and Whitehead Road access points for about an hour.

Sunny, calm and 54 degrees at my 12:15 start time.

  • Blueberry Azure 1
  • Anglewing sp. 3
  • Question Mark 1
  • Eastern Comma 4
  • Mourning Cloak 2

Jack Miller

Cape May County, NJ

50 and sunny.

[Yes, it has been a cold stormy March. Today's 3/18 reports establish a new late first date for our log. The previous record was 3/11/14. -jm]

  • Blueberry Azure 4
  • Eastern Comma 1

Pat Sutton, Brian Johnson

Great Cedar Swamp off Rt. 610 (north of Dennisville)
Cape May County, NJ

My 1st butterfly of 2018! A real treat.

  • Eastern Comma 1

Tom Bailey

Medford F&WMA
Burlington County, NJ

Mid-afternoon. Temp 51 degrees. Probably an. E. Comma. Landed briefly but not long enough for definitive look.

[Super, Tom – our first butterfly report of this cold month! jc]

  • Anglewing sp. 1