About the sightings

These butterfly sightings are from New Jersey’s southern eight counties: Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Atlantic, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, and Cape May. They are submitted by the public, and moderated by members of the South Jersey Butterfly Project.

On September 1, 2016, we replaced our old logging system (which used Google Docs Spreadsheets to collect all data from 2008 through August, 2015) with this current, automated system.

The new system has proven to be much faster and more fun to use, and, best of all, has attracted new participants to join our effort and to log their sightings. If you haven’t yet tried it out, we hope you will soon. The more observers who contribute reports, the more accurate and complete our records become.

This year, 2016, will be our first full year using the new system, and we look forward to expanding participation even more. We’d like to make the system as easy to use as possible, so let us know if you have questions or suggestions.

Creating your account

All submitters need to sign up for a free account. The accounts help us keep better records, and will allow you to access all your submitted sightings.

You can create an account the same way as you do most online services, by entering your name and email and setting a password.

But you can also create an account without having to remember a login or password, by linking your existing Google or Facebook account. Just click the button on the log-in page, accept the prompt from Google or Facebook, and your SJ Butterflies account will be created. The next time, just use the same button to log in.

Be careful that you don’t switch services — if you create an account with Facebook, and then the next time you log in to SJ Butterflies, you click the Google button, then you will have created two different accounts. Your previous sightings won’t be collected under your new account.

Contact us

Feedback? Contact us here.

Technical Notes

The application was developed by David Reese. It’s powered by the same application as the Wisconsin Butterflies site, which has been in use since 2005. It’s a custom Ruby on Rails application, hosted at Linode, which is headquartered in Galloway — right here in South Jersey.