Sighting for April 1, 2016

Jack Connor

Old Port Road, Port Republic
Atlantic County, NJ

2:30-4:00 pm. Temp ~70F. Little wind. Highbush blueberry beginning to bloom locally, so spent a timed hour at one shrub to see what it would draw. Discovered that made censusing hard. While half a dozen or more azures engaged in "dogfights" or courtship chases around and above the shrub, out of sight and then back again, three female blueberry azures oviposited in those 60 minutes. Two dipped their abdomens to unopened blossoms 12 feet/tip-top of shrub; other did so at eye level (photo), but I couldn't find the egg. Needed Will Kerling's sharp-eyed assistance! Also walked the dirt road for ~30 minutes. All azures ID'd to species were "marginata" blueberry azures. At least one azure (photo'd) had me wondering about the possibility of a holly azure, C. idella. But it's still early in season and some darkness is just visible on forewing, so I suspect it was "violacea" C. lucia. No other butterfly species found.

  • Azure, sp. 12
  • Blueberry Azure 6

Azure, sp. ("violacea" C. lucia?)

Blueberry azure (ovipositing)

Highbush blueberry