Sighting for October 6, 2017

Steven Glynn

Nabb Road fields
Cumberland County, NJ

Thought I'd check one final time and see if Checkered Whites might be found. Glad I did.

The main colony area from past years had 99.9% of the area plowed under and planted this year. All that was left was a tiny patch of access area and to my delight I found a female Checkered White ovipositing on the very few plants available for her liking. In addition to her, I single male was flying down the road in the nursery field. This field, which held the big flight last season, has been ignored and it has become wildly overgrown and very dangerous to navigate. My efforts were limited to only a small area within the field and edge habitat along the road, where I knew the planting holes weren't a major risk. Nice to find this pair and know that the colony should be flying yet again next year.

  • Checkered White 2
  • Cabbage White 8
  • Clouded Sulphur 4
  • Orange Sulphur 19
  • Eastern Tailed-Blue 2
  • Variegated Fritillary 3
  • Pearl Crescent 3
  • American Lady 4
  • Painted Lady Common
  • Common Buckeye Abundant
  • Monarch 3
  • Common Checkered-Skipper 3
  • Least Skipper 2
  • Sachem 7

Checkered White ovipositing

Checkered White egg