Sighting for November 2, 2018

Claire Campbell

Duchess Avenue Backyard, Marlton
Burlington County, NJ

I checked this morning around 9:00 and saw that the newly-emerged Monarch from yesterday was still positioned on the stalk where it was at the end of day. When I came back from a Burlington County Parks walk around 1:30, I checked again for the Monarch. This time, it was on the ground. I moved it to some asters so it was off the ground and, after a minute or so, it flew off. It flew briefly, then landed on the ground again. I noticed that it wasn't flapping its wing like other Monarchs. I put it on some butterfly weed and it began to drink nectar immediately. After a few minutes, it flew around the yard for a longer time this flight, but, again landed on the ground. If you take a close look at today's photo and the photo from yesterday, you'll see that the lower wings did not expand completely. Is there anything I can do expand the wings?

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