Sighting for April 4, 2019

Harvey Tomlinson

Higbee Beach
Cape May County, NJ

60 degrees, light winds. 7 species walk.
Big photo mis was an American Snout. My camera's focus hunted and pecked like a barnyard Chicken.
Azures make my head hurt. 5 of the reported were along a trail flanked by Holly Trees…are they Holly Azures? All 11 were of violacea form.

[Congratulations on our log's first Am lady of 2019, HT. Azures make lots of heads hurt among us. If I had to vote, I'd say your superb photo suggests blueberry azure because of duskiness, but I wouldn't bet much on that. jc]

  • Cabbage White 2
  • Spring Azure 11
  • American Snout 1
  • Anglewing sp. 2
  • Question Mark 3
  • Eastern Comma 5
  • Mourning Cloak 1
  • American Lady 1

Spring Azure

Cabbage White

American Lady