Sighting for June 9, 2019

Brian Johnson

Tom's field road Bellplain state forest
Cape May County, NJ

Walking back to the car after birding I spotted this beautiful Oak Hairstreak! My camera was home and the phone was in the car. Luckily it was still on the ground after almost running back to the car. Lifer! It was half way between Sunset road and the trail.

[A very significant find! This is our first oak hairstreak on our SJ log in five years! The last report we had was on 6-20-2014 when Jim Dowdell photo'd one at night while mothing. And the last report on North Jersey's log was also five years ago – 7-11-2014 in Sussex Co. Super discovery, Brian! jc]

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  • Appalachian Brown 1

Oak Hairstreak

oak hairstreak