Sighting for July 10, 2019

Maryann Farrell

Side garden Waldorf + Harwood rd. Marlton
Burlington County, NJ

I have monarch eggs! I counted about 11, possibly more. It’s hard looking when I have about 40-50 bumble bees hovering on the Echinacea tied in with the milkweed. I know they don’t sting, but they do get annoyed easily. According to my butterfly journal. The monarch eggs are approximately 2 weeks late. I did not plant tropical milkweed this year and I’m afraid I made a mistake with all native milkweed for the monarchs sake. I’m trying to stay with native only plants, but maybe I should get a few tropical milkweed since the benefit outweighs the problem. The monarchs seem to favor the tropical MW over the native. I had a female black swallowtail touch down for a few minutes, but she lost Interest fast.

  • Black Swallowtail 1
  • Cabbage White 3
  • Monarch 1

Monarch eggs