Sighting for November 4, 2019

Steven Glynn

Dix WMA- Sleepy Orange Colony
Cumberland County, NJ

Made a visit, perhaps the last for this year, to check on the condition of the colony and to see if anything was active on this late, cold day.

Beautiful sun and 56 degrees had several butterflies flying.

I made my survey from the roadside and did not need, nor want, to walk into the colony patch.

One Sleepy Orange was working a sunny path cut into a broad field. The other two Sleepys came up from the colony patch, chased each other a moment and then both settled back down into the patch. Perhaps they saw me and wanted to say goodbye for the season. These individuals may be amongst others that could attempt to hibernate and stay at the colony site until next year. We'll see. I feel certain that others may be hunkered down in the colony area already.

  • Cloudless Sulphur 1
  • Sleepy Orange 3
  • Variegated Fritillary 1
  • Eastern Comma 1
  • Red Admiral 1
  • Common Buckeye 8
  • Monarch 1

Cloudless Sulphur

Sleepy Orange