Sighting for May 16, 2020

Jack Miller

MacNamara WMA
Cape May County, NJ

I am picking up a discussion I have presented over the past few years. I believe that the American ladies present in Mac in mid-May are freshly emerged and not migrants. I find it hard to believe that a migrant could have every scale perfectly in place. There are two very distinct kinds of ladies this time of year: rags and fresh (I am including photos of both). According to my reading, an American Lady can move from egg to adult in 4-5 weeks. Since they are present by the first week of April, the math
works. Could this be the first bfly to cycle in SJ? Comments and thoughts are welcome.

[Thank you for the puzzle, Jack. I hope folks will take you up on the prompt and respond, especially others with experience (and maybe even photos) of fresh, early Am ladies. jc]

[To respond to this puzzle about Am ladies looking fresh in May please email jm, me, or both of us. Thanks to anyone who can provide some thoughts! jc]

  • Black Swallowtail 2
  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 1
  • Spicebush Swallowtail 1
  • Orange Sulphur 1
  • Red-banded Hairstreak 5
  • Henry's Elfin 2
  • Gray Hairstreak 1
  • Azure, sp. 6
  • Holly Azure 2
  • Eastern Tailed-Blue 20
  • Pearl Crescent 20
  • American Lady 14
  • Painted Lady 2
  • Red Admiral 2
  • Common Buckeye 2
  • Duskywing sp. 3
  • Southern Cloudywing 6
  • Juvenal's Duskywing 2
  • Horace's Duskywing 1

American Lady (fresh)

American Lady (worn)