Sighting for July 19, 2020

Jesse & Jack Connor

Our yard in Port Republic
Atlantic County, NJ

Thrilled to find our second-ever dion for our yard, and first here in seven years (7-16-13).

Dions seem scarce in South Jersey north of Cape May County. This is our log's first report this year of the species outside CMY.

Of the 123 reports of the species compiled on our log from 2009-2019, 95 came from CMY. Eleven of the remaining 28 reports came from the Tuckahoe River in southernmost ATL, on the CMY border.

Otherwise, 2009-19:

CUM: 5 reports
SAL: 0
GLO: 0
CAM: 1, West Jersey Cranberry Meadows
BUR: 5, all from Parker Preserve
OCN: 3 – 2 Klots Bog; 1 Warren Grove (coming to moth light)
ATL: 3 north of the Tuckahoe River.

  • Dion Skipper 1

Dion Skipper