Sighting for July 25, 2020

Tom Bailey

Franklin Parker Preserve
Burlington County, NJ

7:40 to 12:20 pm. Partly sunny, humid, and high 80s when finished. Sweet Pepperbush starting to bloom and was where most of the activity was.

[Good find! Our first report of dion skippers in BUR this year and only the second report of the species outside CMY in 2020. This is only the 6th report of the species in BUR on our log's thirteen years (since 2008), all of them from Parker Preserve. jc]

  • Spicebush Swallowtail 6
  • Common Buckeye 2
  • Red-spotted Purple 2
  • Monarch 1
  • Least Skipper 1
  • Sachem 2
  • Dion Skipper 5
  • Dun Skipper 1

Dion Skipper

Dion Skipper