Sighting for July 29, 2020

Cynthia Allen

Middle Township Bike Path at W. Shellbay Ave.
Cape May County, NJ

This magnificent garden, dubbed "Butterfly Lane" by the owner, has a long corridor of freshly blooming Zinnias. Numbers of butterflies are very low compared to previous seasons. I am wondering if part of the explanation for the low numbers of butterflies for many of us this year is the exceptionally warm and snow-free winter. This may have resulted in high numbers of predators. For example, earlier in the season, immature Wheel Bugs were everywhere. Any thoughts on what might be going on this year?

[Thank you Cynthia for suggesting a meritorious possibility as to why bflys are scarce this year. A thought that I have is that we had a significant drought late last summer which damaged or destroyed many host plants when cats were in need. What do others think? - jm]

  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 1
  • Spicebush Swallowtail 3
  • Cabbage White 2
  • Eastern Tailed-Blue 1
  • Common Buckeye 1
  • Monarch 1
  • Silver-spotted Skipper 5
  • Horace's Duskywing 2
  • Sachem 10
  • Broad-winged Skipper 2