Sighting for December 26, 2020

Mark Garland

Cape May Point
Cape May County, NJ

Astoundingly, this female monarch was photographed at Cape May Point today, December 26, 2020, a day with high temperature in the low 30s after a mid-20s overnight low. She was alive, basking in the sun at a spot sheltered from the wind, moving her wings a bit to better align with the sun. We didn't move her, tag her, or even touch her – she seems to know what to do.

We don't know of many better symbols of hope and determination than this one. Here's hoping that the coming new year brings better luck to both monarchs and humans.

[An amazing find to end our 2020 year of sightings, 13 days after the previous report of any monarch or any other butterfly. It is not the latest December monarch we have ever recorded (12-31-11), but under the circumstances, it is one of the most remarkable. Thank you, Mark! Keep up the excellent work at the Point! jc]

[1-12-21 Update: Tom Reed found a monarch in Cape May Point today. See January reports. jc]

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