Sighting for January 12, 2021

Tom Reed

Coral Ave. dune crossing, Cape May Pt.
Cape May County, NJ

Sunny, ca. 40ºF, winds NW 5 mph. Monarch seen briefly over dunes at St. Peter's, headed toward town. Not in view long enough to say much about its condition; left wondering how long this one's been around / if it arrived from elsewhere / was recently released?

[Intriguing find! This is our 5th January record for monarch in our log's history, 2008-2021. We have two finds from the Barnegat Christmas Bird Count – one by Rick Radis and others on 1-1-12 and another (photo'd) by Tom Bailey and Jeff Ellerbusch on 1-3-16 (a record-breaking warm month with many butterfly reports). We also had two records of the species in CMY in 2012 (another very warm month with many butterfly reports): Bill Schuhl found one nectaring in a garden at Coral & Cambridge Ave on Jan 8 that year and Michael O'Brien found one on Whildlin Ave on Jan 12.

So far this colder – but not very cold – January we have had only one other butterfly report: Harvey T's report below. However, we had Mark Garland's report of a monarch at the Point two weeks ago: 12-26-20. Could Tom's sighting possibly be that same individual? jc]

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