Sighting for February 3, 2021

Charisse Rudolph

Cape May Beach section, Villas, NJ
Cape May County, NJ

I now have two cabbage whites that showed up in my garage. I placed them in my butterfly cage with sugar water in my laundry room to try to keep them alive as long as I can!

[Interesting! Good luck with this effort, which will be a challenge at this time of year. Here's some info from the "Keeping Insects" website:

"The Cabbage White butterfly eats cabbage when its still in its caterpillar stage. As an adult butterfly it eats nectar from flowers. In captivity you can feed it sugar water.

"Adult butterflies drink nectar or sugar water with their long tongue. If you do not release the butterflies, you should feed them with sugar water. Mix 1 part sugar or honey with 7 parts water and stir until all sugar is dissolved. Put the sugar water in a plastic cup and cover it with a thin mesh, for example a mosquito net. The water level should reach to around 1 cm under the mesh. Place this cup inside the butterfly environment. The butterflies will sit on the mesh and stick their tongue into the sugar water. They can drink without them falling into the sugar water. Replace the water every day as it will spoil."


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Cabbage White