Sighting for March 11, 2021

Jack Miller

MacNamara WMA
Cape May County, NJ

Mid morning, upper 60's, full sun. I rediscovered the snout reported on 3/9 near the same hackberry tree (ventral photo). For a bug that must have overwintered, snout #2 (dorsal photo) is in perfect condition. I spent 5 minutes laying on the road trying to get an eye-level shot of a mourning cloak. It flew loop after loop over me and kept buzzing my blue hat and landing on the back of my red sweatshirt (I could hear it and see its shadow). Last year, Tom B would wear a similarly colored blue shirt which also attracted butterflies.

  • American Snout 2
  • Mourning Cloak 3

American Snout

American Snout

Mourning Cloak