Sighting for March 27, 2021

Jack McDonough

Narrows Road, Belleplain
Cape May County, NJ

Around 3pm - lots of Blueberry Azures out today. I saw 2 at Beaver Dam, 1 in my backyard in Dennisville, and three more individuals on Narrows Road. One of the undersides of the hindwing on the snout was very ornate and the other hindwing was completely plain, which I thought was cool and interesting. The snout was also on Narrows road, by the current puddles in the first major bend from Sunset.

[Apologies to Jack McD for my misreading of his report and my original comment yesterday assuming that he was describing two individuals. My brain couldn't deal with what he was saying. We have exchanged some emails since and he has underlined that it was a single individual!

Lepidopterist Art Shapiro noted (in Butterflies Of The Delaware Valley) that ventral pattern differences in snout are "clearly genetic" and differ from individual to individual (i.e. like hair or eye color in humans). Do we have something here like a human w/two differently colored eyes? I need to do more researching. Has anyone out there ever seen a similar snout – with one ventral showing the "plain" pattern and the other the "striated" pattern?! At the moment, this strikes me as a remarkable find!

Congratulations and thanks to Jack McDonough for the careful observation, diligent photography, and patience with my original error. jc]

  • Blueberry Azure 3
  • American Snout 1
  • Anglewing sp. 1

American Snout "plain form"side

American Snout "striated form" side

Blueberry Azure