Sighting for March 28, 2021

Tom Bailey

Franklin Parker Preserve
Burlington County, NJ

The Goodwater section of the preserve just east of Chatsworth. Cloudy & temperature about 65 degrees. Wasn't expecting to see any b'flies today. One of the azures kept flying around me and then eventually landed on my boot. After a few minutes it started flying around again so I walked about 5 feet away and stood still and it eventually returned and landed on my boot again at the same spot. I think this is the "Lucia" form?

[Yes, azures test our sense of species – and our faith in our ability to ID the several forms and/or sister species. These two photos fit the form/species that we have been calling "blueberry azure" on our log. The "lucia" patch is dark and evident in each, as are the dark trailing edges of both forewing and hindwing, and the duskiness of the lighter areas on both fw and hw. David Wright and Harry Pavulaan call this butterfly Celastrina lucia. If blueberry azure is a species and can be identified, this is one, in my humble opinion. However, also imho, it's clearly ok to call these spring azures. "Spring azure" has become a term that covers a mix of forms and possibly full species. See Lep Log for more discussions of this extremely complicated complex. jc]

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Spring Azure

Spring Azure