Sighting for April 21, 2021

Harvey Tomlinson

Higbee Beach WMA
Cape May County, NJ

Normally looking for 3-spotted Cabbage Whites finding a "no-spot" threw me. Not the heavy dark markings on the FW coastal area. Also note the very heavy gray overscaling on the ventral HW.
I watched the Azure do what looks like ovipositing numerous times but on dead grass.
And the Question Mark is a bit off.
Fun day at Higbee

[Yikes, Harvey! On top of the "no-spot" cabbage, are you trying to add a new species of azure to the already too-complex complex?? jc]

  • Cabbage White 7
  • Orange Sulphur 1
  • Spring Azure 11
  • Question Mark 1

Cabbage White (dorsal)

Cabbage White (ventral)

Question Mark

Spring "Dead Grass" Azure