Sighting for July 18, 2021

Maryann Farrell

Marlton front yard gardens
Burlington County, NJ

I’m so excited to report a monarch, because it has been such a slow year sadly. It was picking up in early May and then that sudden cold snap wiped out anything I had in my yard . I recorded 42 degrees early the morning of the cold snap. Some may have survived if it wasn’t for the pouring cold rain for 3 days and 42 temps in May.
I have one monarch caterpillar at 3 instar and today there was a monarch laying her eggs on the native milkweed. Usually I have at least a 100 monarch caterpillars this week. So maybe it’s a good sign now that I had one stop by today. There’s still warm enough temps to support plenty of monarch activity and I planted tons of milkweed this year. Fingers crossed

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