Sighting for October 1, 2021

Pat & Clay Sutton

Cape May Point, dune crossover at Coral Avenue
Cape May County, NJ

Michael O'Brien shared numbers of Monarchs that roosted at several roost sites that were discovered in the dunes at Cape May Point (at two different dune crossover walkways) the night of September 30, 2021, when he was able to count them the next morning, October 1, 2021, at dawn at lift off when they got up to continue their migration as the sun warmed them up. He told friends (KP & John) that he counted 2,500/minute for a few minutes, then 1,500/minute, then 1,000/minute, then 100/minute. Michael O'Brien shared on Facebook: "Last night’s roosting Monarchs departed across Delaware Bay this morning (Oct. 1, 2021), mainly between ~7:30 and 8:45 am. Forecast NW winds, which would have likely held Monarchs here a little longer, turned out to be light out of the north this morning, a perfect tail wind to help Monarchs across the bay. From a series of one minute counts, I extrapolated that I saw at least 25,000-30,000 Monarchs strike out across Delaware Bay this morning - the largest Monarch migration event I have seen here since 2010," as shared by Michael O'Brien on Facebook (THANK YOU Michael for putting a number to this amazing Monarch movement). I am here sharing a photo Clay Sutton took at the Lincoln & Cape Avenue dune crossover roost site at dawn on Oct. 1, 2021.

[Fantastic. -jm]

  • Monarch 25,000-30,000