Sighting for November 18, 2021

Beth Polvino

my yard NABA #1151 & Monarch Waystation #8318
Cape May County, NJ

Last report from my gardens as settlement is 11/19. Light winds, sunny and mid 60's. Still have >12 black swallowtail caterpillars in various stages of development. I also have a cloudless sulphur chrysalis. No images as camera wasn't with me.

[Thank you, Beth! Thanks for all your reports over the years and your hospitality to so many of us. And best of luck to you in your new place! Let us know what you find flying there! jc]

  • Black Swallowtail 0
  • Cabbage White 1
  • Cloudless Sulphur 0
  • American Lady 2
  • Common Buckeye 1
  • Monarch 2
  • Ocola Skipper 2
  • Fiery Skipper 1
  • Sachem 3