Sighting for November 18, 2021

Jack Miller

Rea Farm
Cape May County, NJ

[Jim Springer and Wade Wander have confirmed Jack's ID of Eufala skipper. This is a find of the First Magnitude – our log's first record of this species in our history (2008-2021) and only the 4th documented record ever for the state of New Jersey. Gochfeld and Burger in their Butterflies of New Jersey cite just three records – two in 1991 and one in 1993, all at Cape May Point. As far as I know, no other NJ records exist.

CONGRATULATIONS, Jack, on an absolutely superb find! jc

PS: Ocola skipper report is our latest ever. Old previous latest LOYs were 11-16-20 and 11-16-15. jc]

  • Cabbage White 3
  • Orange Sulphur 3
  • American Lady 2
  • Common Buckeye 14
  • Ocola Skipper 3
  • Fiery Skipper 3
  • Sachem 3

Eufala Skipper (!)

Ocola Skipper

Fiery Skipper

Fiery Skipper