Sighting for September 21, 2022

Lucy Hooper

Pollinator garden in Mickleton Park on Democrat Rd in MIckleton
Gloucester County, NJ

Sightings from 12-12:30. 4 Monarchs emerged from chrysalises this morning. I stopped by at 9:00 and the chrysalises were black and when I came back at noon they had already emerged and all 4 butterflies were still in the garden (3 are pictured-the 2 on Whorled milkweed are still pumping their wings).There are still 4 chrysalises on the kiosk-2 are pictured (there were 12 originally, some emerged in the past few days and some are not viable).
The variegated fritillary has reliably been in this garden since late June.
There was an American lady cat on the sweet everlasting a few days ago but forgot to check to see if if was still there.

  • Variegated Fritillary 1
  • Monarch 4
  • Peck's Skipper 3
  • Sachem 2


Monarch chrysalids