Sighting for November 8, 2023

Wijbren Huisman

Glenn Lake, Pitman
Gloucester County, NJ

Obs. 1.00 pm Temp. 61
(Fiery Skipper, that is what I think)

[Tom Bailey and Jack Miller concur.

Jack notes, "Definitely a tough identification based on this one photo. My lean goes to fiery. [I have a photo] of an old f. fiery that shows how white the upper marks on the outer fw can be. I also am leaning to fiery because of the position of the outer white mark on the dorsal hw is running along side of the other white marks. On f. sachem, that mark is often more forward. Lastly, and this comment may not be worth much, there is a slight notch on the outer edge of the middle white mark. This looks similar to the f. fiery in Glassberg's Butterflies Through Binoculars plate 29, and can also be seen to a lesser extent in Cech and Tudor's f. fiery on p. 274. I don't think sachems have this slight notch."

Thanks to both Jack and Tom for the confirmation. jc]

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Fiery Skipper